·         Accommodation (Patient + Attendant)

·         Food including tea (Patient + Attendant)

·         Medicines (available at PC)

·         Medical consumables (urine bags & catheters, dressing materials etc.)

·         Laboratory examinations (available at PC)

·         X-ray examinations

·         Medical management (Daily Doctor’s visit).

·         Nursing Care (Dressing, bedding, dispensing medicine and carrying out other doctor’s orders).

·         Surgical intervention, including

­   Wound repair (Grafting, Flap, approximation etc).

­   Vesicolethotomy (Removal of Bladder stones)

­   Surgical release of contractures etc.

·         Physiotherapy including but not limited to,


­   Chest therapy

­   Range of motion exercises

­   Positioning/Pillow therapy

­   Strengthening & Conditioning exercises.

­   Gradual Verticalization (Sitting, Standing)  

­   Balance & Co-ordination training.

­   Bed mobility & transfers training

­   Preparation  for the use of adoptive/supportive equipment

­   Gait training / Ambulation.

­   Patient & Attendant Education

Physiotherapy in Detail (click here)


·         Bladder & Bowl management

·         Occupational therapy, including but not limited to,


­   Hands splinting

­   Preparation, measurement & fabrication of adoptive/supportive equipment like eating aids, writing aids, typing aids cell phone holders etc.

­   Fine motor activities

­   ADL’s training (dressing, combing washing, bathing etc for Quadriplegics)

­   Measurement & modification of wheel chairs.

­   Patient & attendant education

 Occupational therapy in Detail (click here)


·         Psychotherapy


­   Individual Counseling

­   Group Sessions

Psychotherapy in Detail (click here)


·         Vocational training


­   Tailoring

­   Computer skills

­   Dress designing

­   Fabric painting

­   Glass panting

­   Embroidery etc.


·         Hygiene supplies and services

·         Recreational therapy


­   DailyIndoor games (Basket Ball, Cricket, Table Tennis etc)

­   WeeklyOutdoor games (Wheel Chair Race etc)

­   Monthly Picnics


·         Community integration


­   Dining together with staff

­   Shopping trips

­   Visits to local parks


·         Provision of custom made wheel chair (if needed)

·         Wheel chair maneuribility  training including,


­   Propelling Wheel Chair on even surface

­   Driving Wheel chair, up & down the ramps

­   Salalom

­   Wheelie

­   Maintenance & repair of Wheel Chair


·         Provision of Orthotics (as needed).


­   Thoracolumbosacral Orthosis (TLSO’s)

­   Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO’s) with Shoes.

­   Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO’s) with shoes.

­   Hand Splints (Braces) etc.

 Orthotics in Detail (Click Here)

·         Provision of any other equipment & appliances like,


­   Walker,

­   Crutches,

­   Canes,

­   Toilet seats

­   Special beds etc.


·         Provision of  Patient manual (Booklet) for home use.

·         Free follow up services in Peshawar, Charsadda, Mardan, Nowhsera & Swabi, including, but not limited to,


­   Once a month follow up visit for 6 consecutive months after discharge.

­   Provision of extra  equipment /appliances (if needed).

­   Training & education of patient’s family.

­   Mutual introduction of patients  within the same city, village or colony.

­   Patient & family counseling regarding patient’s employment or starting a small business for him/her.

­   Minor home modifications.

­   Provision of medical/Surgical disposables (if needed).

­   Looking for NGO’s and/or Govt Programs, for their financial assistance.

Follow up Services in Detail (click here)