History of Paraplegic Center, Hayatabad

Human Problems

Mean Age ……..26 Years.
More than 90% live below the poverty line.
More than 80% are the only bread winner of their families.
Active & aggressive people are more vulnerable to spinal cord injuries.
It takes around 3 months on average to treat & rehabilitate.
Even rich people can’t afford the enormous cost of treatment and Rehabilitation.
1/3 of the spinal cord injuries are easily preventable.

History of Paraplegic Center 1979….1995

Russia/Afghan War ?No such facility existed anywhere in entire South Asia.
ICRC/Govt. of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa/Department of Health.
1984 first patient admitted /100 Beds.
Low cost locally developed technology.
Free of cost services, Smooth sailing till 1996.


PRCS Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa
Beds reduced to 25.
1/3 of the building rented.
50% Staff reduced.
Free services withdrawn.
Rs. 15000 per month charges started.
Sustainability impossible.
Imminent collapse.


Granted in Aid by the department of Health Govt of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.
Bed capacity-60.
Some of the skilled staff rehired.
One of the rented ward vacated.
Free services restored, existing services modernized and new services introduced.
Visited by the Chief Secretary, Chief Minister & Governor.
Supported by local and international NGO’s and individual philanthropists. Specially Fred Hollows Foundation, Australia.
Paraplegic Center, taking over and re-establishment Ordinance 2007, enacted.
Chairman and members of “BoG” notified.
First meeting of the “BoG” held on 16th April, 2008.
ICRC is Back and a home care program is already in full swing.

Current Status

Approved PC-1 for rehabilitation of Paraplegic Center in process.
A temporary Budget for May & June 2008 is being submitted.
Finance Committee is working on Permanent Budget right now.
An Academic Committee is working on establishing links with KMU and other Educational Institutions.
An Executive Committee is working on Services Rules, Job Description & a permanent service structure.
With the authorization of the Board, The Executive committee has decided to give an eviction notice to the PRCS.
As soon as the permanent budget is released, the bed capacity will be increased to 70, and the limitation of services to post traumatic spinal cord injuries withdrawn.

Future Vision

To transform “Paraplegic Center” into a state of the art, 100 Beds, spinal cord injuries management Center of Excellence and eventually turn it into a teaching and training facility for Physical Rehabilitation Professionals like Rehab Doctors, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists and Rehab Nurses etc.

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