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A Very Special Gift, For A Very Special Person

In a modest ceremony at Paraplegic Center Hayatabad, the keys of a custom made “Motor Riksha”, were presented to “Mr. Noor Mohammad”, from Nowshera, unable to stand or walk on his both legs. He is suffering from a mysterious disease, since he was 13, breaking his legs bones repeatedly (more than 30 times to be more accurate), however, he is a man of courage and don’t want to be dependent on others.

This “Motor Riksha” was specially manufactured for him, with the financial support of the “Tanzeem Lissaile Wal Mahroom” Govt of NWFP.

It’s also pertinent to mention that “Paraplegic Center” Hayatabad has provided adoptive/supportive equipment to 137 poor and destitute patients from all over the province.

The CEO , of the Center, stated that “Paraplegic Center” is striving to enable people with disabilities (rather with special abilities) to become, productive members of the society and not to be dependent on their respective families and/or society at large.

He expressed his emence pleasure on achieving this goal in case of “Noor Mohammad”, and hoped that many more people like him will be able live independent & dignified lives, if organizations, like “Tanzeem, Lissaile Wal Mahroom”, continued it’s financial support.

He also expressed his hope that in future not only organizations like “Tanzeem” but individual philanthropists will also pitch in, so that we can support more and more special people, achieve financial independence.

دسمبر 2009 کی ایک سرد صبح

تحصیل چلاس کا محمد عیسیٰ وہیل چیئر پر بیٹھا پیراپلیجک سنٹر کی او۔پی۔ڈی میں آیا۔انتہائی گرمجوشی سے ہاتھ ملایا۔حال پوچھنے پر اُس نے بتایا کہ کوئی خاص مسئلہ نہیں سوائے وہیل چیئر اور یہ دوسرے سہارے جو کہ ٹوٹ چکے ہیں ان کی مرمت کا بندوبست کرادیں۔ اُس کے چہرے کی تازگی اسکی اچھی صحت کی غمازی کر رہی تھی۔ سنگلاخ چٹانوں کا یہ باسی آج سے اٹھارہ سال قبل پیراپلیجک سنٹر میں داخل ہوا ، پیشے کے لحاظ سے ڈرائیور تھا۔ فروری 1984ء کو ایک ڈرائیوردوست نے مجبور کرکے ٹریکٹرپر اپنے ساتھ بٹھالیا وہ گاؤں سے چلاس کی طرف جارہے تھے۔وہ سانپ کی طرح بل کھاتے ہوئے پہاڑی راستے بڑی مہارت سے لکڑیوں سے بھری گاڑی چلارہاتھا۔لیکن بدقسمتی سے ٹرالی کا ہک ٹوٹ اور ایک بھاری لکڑی محمدعیسیٰ کے کمر پر گرپڑی۔ حرام مغز پر چوٹ لگنے کیوجہ اُسکی ٹانگیں مفلوج ہو گئیں، چھوٹے اور بڑے پیشاب پر کنٹرول ختم ہو چکا تھا۔ پیراپلیجک سنٹر میں داخلے کے وقت اُسکی عمر18 برس تھی۔بہت شرمیلا اور خاموش طبع انسان تھا ۔علاج سے متعلق ہر بات پر عمل کرتاتھا۔ سنٹر میں دوران علاج وہیل چیئر پر ہی اس نے درزی کا کام سیکھا چار مہینے پیراپلیجک سنٹر میں رہا۔ اس دورانیے میں اس نے جسم کے مفلوج حصے کی خود حفاظت اور مصنوعی سہاروں کی استعمال کی تربیت احسن طریقے سے مکمل کی۔
محمد عیسیٰ ایک پسماندہ علاقے سے تعلق رکھتاہے ان پہاڑوں میں زندگی کی بنیادی پورا کرنا عام انسانوں کیلئے ایک جنگ سے کم نہیں پھر معذور ہو کر یہ جنگ جیتنا ایک بڑا کارنامہ ہے۔
33 سالہ محمد عیسیٰ جسمانی معذور ہونے کے باوجود ہر وہ کام کرسکتاہے۔ جو زیادہ تر صحتمند لوگ بھی نہیں کرسکتے۔
ڈرائیور سے درزی بن جانا جو کہ یہاں عام طور پر ایک عار سمجھا جاتاہے مگر اس بات پرواہ کئے بغیر اس نے کام کا آغاز کیا وہ زنانہ اور مردانہ دونوں لباس کی سلائی کا ماہر ہے۔ اور دوسروں پر بوجھ بننے کی بجائے اپنے خاندان کی کفالت میں مصروف کا ر ہے۔ آج محمد عیسیٰ کی قوت ارادی کے سامنے اسکے زیر استعمال لوہا(وہیل چیئر) گھس کر ٹوٹ گئی مگر اسکا حوصلہ پہلے سے بھی زیادہ بلند ہے۔
حرام مغز کی چوٹ کے نتیجے میں جو پیچیدگیاں پیدا ہوئی ہیں۔ مثلاً جلدی حس ختم ہونے Loss of Sensation پر زخم پڑنے (Pressure Sores) جوڑوں کا سخت ہوجانا (Stiffness) پٹھوں کی کھچاؤ (Contractures) پٹھوں کا لرزہ Spasticity چھوٹے پیشاب کا گندہ ہوجانا (UTI) ، قبض (Constipation) ، قوت باہ ختم ہوجانا (Impotance)۔
ان مسائل کے لیے محمد عیسیٰ نے سنٹر کے علاج وتربیت پر پورا عمل کیاہے۔ آج صحیح معنوں میں محمد عیسیٰ ایک بہت بڑا آدمی لگ رہاہے۔

Against All Odds
By Syed Mohammad Ilyas

Just like any other 15 years old, Rizwan, was a dynamic teenager belonging to a lower middle class family of seven, including 4 brothers and one sister.

He was a 10th grads student in local high school, an excellent cricket player, taking interest in physical activates as he wanted to become an army commander, after reading a heroic story of a commander, defending his home land and helping destitute people.

He was physically fit, full of energy, and there was no reason for him to think of any thing less than becoming an army commander, until the dissertating earth quake of 8.6 magnitude hit his home town on October, 8th 2005.

At 8: 40 A.M he was sitting along beside his elder brother, Naseer Ahamd who happened to be his classmate, totally unaware of what was waiting for him in the very near future.

He was a just a few seconds, behind his elder brother along with everyone else, rushing out to the safety of the open skies, when the earth was shaken, below their feet, a solid cemented wall fell on his back.

Rizwan, was one of the 10 seriously injured, unaware of what had happened to him, while Naseer Ahmad his elder brother was stunned, and did not know what to do.

Rizwan, was taken out of the debris 2 hours-after the devastating earthquake, transferred to a local hospital by some volunteers. He was unconscious, and the entire village of Khawas, Distt Mansehra, was praying for his full recovery.

But Rizwan’s back was broken and so were his dreams, though he was still not yet aware of it all.
I was shocked to know that, I was not able to move my legs and I had no control on my bowl and bladder, yet for quite sometime, I thought, it was all temporary.

I was not ready to believe that I had sustained permanent damage to my spinal cord and I would never be able to regain voluntary control on my legs and above all I, will not be able to become the man of my dreams, an army commander.

The worst part of it all was to know that I, will always be dependent on my family and will never be able to take care of myself, I can’t imagine being bed bound, doing nothing what so ever “Rizwan says”.

Rizwan, further reported that he had lost every hope of an active independent life, till he was transferred by Gillanai hospital Abbottabad, to Paraplegic Centre, Hayatabad Peshawar, for treatment & rehabilitation.

“That’s where; I was able to see some light at the end of tunnel”.

“At Paraplegic Centre, I met a lot of more people with spinal cord injuries of different kinds, passing through different stages of rehabilitation, including vocational training. It was the 1st time after the disaster of the October, 8th 2005, when I realized that, I may have lost my legs and I may not be able to become an army commander, but I will be able to live an independent life with dignity and honor. With tears in his eyes, Rizwan says, that though he still dreams about being an army commander, yet, he has slowly started thinking about becoming a computer operator.

Rizwan, is now independent, in wheel chair activates, he has already started to walk with callipers and crutches on even surfaces. He knows, a lot more about his disability and has learnt how to take care of himself and how to prevent future complications, like pressures sores, bladders infection, stiff joints or contractures etc.

He is now anxiously looking forward to start learning computer skills, so that he may be able to continue his studies in order to live an independent life with dignity and honor.